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The Teatine Hills are a unique area within the Abruzzo landscape for their extraordinary landscape biodiversity and cultural richness: in the space of a few kilometres, it is possible to go from the snow-capped peaks of the Apennines, at over 2,000 meters-from which one can ski while looking at the sea-to the cities of art and fortresses overlooking valleys and hills, to the beauty of the Adriatic coast, with its characteristic Trabocchi, castles and ancient watchtowers. And more hermitages, churches, museums, gastronomic excellence, natural parks, caves and waterfalls-all within driving distance and conveniently visitable in a day. Below are some suggestions for building your own travel itinerary to discover this wonderful corner of Abruzzo:

Eremo Celestiniano di Santo Spirito a Majella

SP22, 65020 Roccamorice (PE)
42 km away

Eremo Celestiniano di San Bartolomeo in Legio

Località Vallone di S. Spirito, 65020 Roccamorice (PE)
39 km away

Costa dei Trabocchi

Marina di San Vito, 66038 (CH)
32 km away

Roccascalegna Castle

Aragonese Castle

Gole di Fara San Martino

Via Municipio, 66015 Fara San Martino (CH)
25 km away